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On Being a Victim of the God Mob

Acknowledgement My thanks go to Stephanie Fairchild (Twitter: @TheMrsDarcy) for prompting this post. She invited me to share what drives my anger at the God mob, and this post is by way of response. My use of emotive language in … Continue reading

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Falsifiable Evidence: A Guide for the Uninformed

Definition of Terms There are a number of words and phrases that are used in sometimes imprecise ways by the writers of popular science. For the avoidance of ambiguity, I use the following definitions throughout this piece. OBSERVATION: An observation … Continue reading

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A Blast to My Past

Introduction I have for long pondered the effects of the teachers of my childhood upon the attitudes and thoughts that I have today. To ascribe the prompting of this post to any handful of individuals would amount to a betrayal … Continue reading

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An Unreasoned Faith

Acknowledgment This piece has been prompted by the following tweet from John Sykes (twitter @tcottruth, web site http://john8322.blogspot.com ): I am grateful to him for moving me to put finger to keyboard. Background It may come as no surprise to … Continue reading

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