My Anger and the God Mob


My thanks go to The Gaming Skeptic (@GamingSkeptic) for prompting this post. It gave me this opportunity to explore some of the themes that underlie my presence on Twitter.

Of Myself

Those tweeples who see me as a very angry man may be surprised to learn that I am totally at peace with myself, and that I am generally content with the people that I find around me. This includes not only people with whom I share physical space, but also others with whom I have contact in virtual spaces such as Twitter. It may come as an even bigger surprise that I have provided personal support to one tweeple who went from atheism to theism. (And no, I am not going to reveal his identity here.)

It was a number of childhood experiences, and subsequent encounters with thinkers whose intellects far exceed mine, that lead me to the point where

  1. I see straight through the lies of the god mob; and
  2. I do what little I can to stop them doing to today’s children what was done to me.

This has left me with a very well defined and very well contained zone of anger that appears in my consciousness and I express in public at the appropriate times. In a similar way, a high performance athlete has a zone of capability and physical fitness that s/he harnesses at the appropriate times. In behavioural terms, that anger is nothing more than a motivator for what I do in exactly the same way that hunger acts as a motivator for my eating food.

The Reactions of Others

When I see members of the god mob making ridiculous tweets, my first inclination is to ask them to justify their claims, and to make that request in an emotionally neutral fashion. Some respond in an equally neutral way, while at the other extreme they block me immediately. The most common response is driven by a combination of outrage and fear. The ensuing dialogues generally escalate while I work very hard at matching my responses to their level of provocation and willful ignorance. (I am famous in face-to-face encounters for not suffering fools gladly.) More often than not, the exchange terminates with the theist “bravely running away and blocking me”.


I hope this post helps anybody who cares to read it.


About notoreligion

I was a victim of religious predators as a child. I am here to oppose their ongoing evil.
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