For Those Who Have Recently Become Atheist


If you have recently abandoned your faith in whatever god or gods your were taught to believe in, and you want to highlight the errors of thought in your former tormentors, then I dedicate this post to you. I have been making explicit the errors in theists’ tweets for some years, and I offer below those that I use most often. Please feel free to use those which appeal to you.

The Ripostes

  • And your evidence for your #god is?
  • And your line of reasoning is?
  • #Atheism is a mere fact. No evidence required.
  • btw, your #72virgins are all male.
  • Do you accept the claims of …
    • #AdamsRib
    • #FlyingDonkey
    • #Resurrection
    • #TalkingAnts
    • #TalkingSerpent
    • #TreeOfKnowledge
    • #VirginBirth
  • Hell is a fiction. Get used to it.
  • How do you know this?
  • I dare you to demonstrate the existence of your #god.
  • I gave up the foolishness of belief decades ago.
  • I note your:
    • failure to answer a simple and direct question
    • failure to demonstrate the existence of your #god
    • evasion
  • Only weak and puny #god/s need blasphemy laws to protect them.
  • Please demonstrate the existence of an afterlife. tyvm.
  • Please justify your assumptions about … [e.g. the nature of time and the nature of causality]
  • Proof exists only in maths and liquor.
  • The #bible [#quran] is merely a collection of fairy tales.
  • That link is nothing but word salad.
  • The word “soul” is a word used by bullies to frighten the gullible.
  • Theologians have been bickering for 5,000 years about #god. Still no agreement.
  • There is more evidence for Thor than your #god.
  • There is no such thing as proof in science. You have committed a category error.
  • What a wonderfully absurd tweet! Thanks for the laughter.
  • Which #god?
  • Why do you misrepresent unsupported claims as evidence?
  • Why do you reject the #Pastafarium?
  • You are by definition an ape, and a Great Ape to boot!
  • You claim #god exists? YOU provide the evidence, sunshine!
  • You seem unaware of … [e.g. Biston betularia].
  • Your #god is a fiction. get used to it.
  • Your ignorance of [science / #atheism] is solely *your* problem.
  • Your logical fallacies are … (See for some examples)
  • Your morality comes from your #god? How sad is that?
  • Your reasoning is flawed.
  • Your refusal to demonstrate the existence of your #god is not my problem.

About notoreligion

I was a victim of religious predators as a child. I am here to oppose their ongoing evil.
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