A Flock of Sheep, An Irrationality of Theists

A Time for Review

I have been engaging with theists on Twitter for a number of years in an attempt to find out why they all proclaim that God exists. While they come up with a range of explanations, and more of this in a moment, there is a common theme: it is failure to properly think through those explanations.

Theme and Variations

Every explanation that I have seen contains at least one logical fallacy, sometimes two or three. Some theists fail to answer my questions, while other simply block me: they find my pertinent questions intolerably offensive. All theists seem to be unable or refuse to think cogently, analytically and critically, and almost seem unable or unwilling to learn. I list below some examples of fallacious thinking by theists.

“You Know God Exists”

The statement “You know God exists” is a pathetic attempt to impose the speaker’s worldview on others. It is a denial of other people’s individuality. It is a form of bullying.

“Prove That God Does Not Exist”

The statement “Prove that God does not exist” commits the following logical fallacies:

  • It makes the false assumption that there is such as thing as proof in the natural sciences.
  • It makes the logical fallacy of special pleading, in that it assumes that there is only one god.
  • It makes the logical fallacy of shifting the burden of proof.
  • It makes the logical fallacy of false dichotomy, that something either does or does not exist.

“The Evidence for the Resurrection is in the Bible”

Here we have more logical fallacies.

  • The logical fallacy of circular reasoning: using the claims of the Bible to support the claims of the Bible
  • The logical fallacy of misrepresentation: using the word “evidence” when they mean “unsupported claim”. (Either that or the speaker is being culpably ignorant.)

“Of Course the Universe was Created”

Here we have yet more logical fallacies.

  • The logical fallacy of personal incredulity: the speaker cannot comprehend or refuses to learn about current thinking in cosmology.
  • The logical fallacy of infinite regress: if the universe was created by a Creator, what created said Creator?

“Evidence for the Existence of a Creator”

Such speakers confuse or mis-represent mere facts as evidence. Examples include:

  • The existence of DNA.
  • The habitability of our planet.
  • “Everything has a cause.” This makes unwarranted assumptions about the nature of time and the nature of causality.
  • The existence of morality.

“The Laws of Nature Were Given by a Lawgiver”

Here we have an abuse of the English language. The speaker conflates parliamentarians with equations that describe natural phenomena. They then commit the false analogy of equating humans with their favourite deity.

“I Feel God’s Presence”

The speaker certainly feels something, but to ascribe that feeling to their favourite (and fictional) deity is illogical.

“It’s Only a Theory”

This is another abuse of the English language: the speaker misrepresents scientific theories as being nothing more than guesses.


“Soul” is a noise word used by nincompoops and charlatans to bully gullible people. Whenever I ask such people to define “soul” and then demonstrate the existence thereof, I am always met with a thunderous silence.

“Judgment Day”

“Judgment Day” is another noise word used by nincompoops and charlatans for the same purpose.

A Final Word

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of theists that I have encountered on Twitter who value their humanity over their theism. I value them as people. I find all the rest to form a sorry parade of incogents.


About notoreligion

I was a victim of religious predators as a child. I am here to oppose their ongoing evil.
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