Genesis, corrected

In The Beginning

1.1 In the beginning, God created the Universe
1.2 And in the Universe He created the Earth
1.3 And upon the Earth He created the Garden of Dene
1.4 And in the Garden of Dene He created Eve
1.5 And in the Garden He also the created the Vine of Stupidity, of which Eve ate of the Fruit of Stupidity before God could stop Her
1.6 And Eve demanded of God “Why have you given me this cunt in my belly which I can only fill with the Fruits of the Vine of Stupidity, which shall later become known as cucumbers and bananas?”
1.7 And she demanded of God “Surely you can do better than that!”
1.8 And God grovelled before His creation, and begged forgiveness of her saying “I can only create a Man, and he shall be a brought forth from one on thine ribs, and he shall be simple thing, needing only to be fed and to fill your cunt, whereof which you spoke.”
1.9 And God made it so.


About notoreligion

I was a victim of religious predators as a child. I am here to oppose their ongoing evil.
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