Time and Causality

My Thanks to …

My thanks goes to Evan Stegner (twitter: EVANgelize_guys) for prompting me to write this post.


Evan and I had a long twitter discussion about causality, and my issue with the idea that all things which exist must have a cause being applied to the notion of the Big Bang. Evan took the trouble to cite examples for which causality is a good explanation of the existence of something. Behind these examples there is the underlying assumption of time as we commonly perceive it.

In the meantime, I asked a cosmologist what the current thinking was about the nature of time and the way that this has affected the universe since what is commonly known as the Big Bang. And here is his kicker: “time is fluid”. He went on to say:

  • when we look at the cosmic background radiation (a product of the “Big Bang”) the “time” experienced by the photons since their creation to moments of our observations of them is of zero duration from the photons’ perspective,
  • it is known that our current models of physics are inadequate, and work is currently being done to address those: the notion of the Big Bang may be fundamentally flawed.

What we are left with is a case of false equivalence.


The notion that the Big Bang happened and had a causative agent is currently unsupportable.


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I was a victim of religious predators as a child. I am here to oppose their ongoing evil.
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