A Reply to BeatKnoxxx

My Thanks to …

My thanks goes to BeatKnoxxx (twitter: BeatKnoxxx, web site http://www.hulkshare.com/44mq5t2vuz7k) for prompting me to write this post.


BeatKnoxxx started proceedings with this tweet:

There then followed a number of tweet exchanges which prompted me to explore the impact that some of my childhood teachers had in my present-day dealings with some Christians, and with believers in general.

A Personal History

Some of the teachers in my childhood:

  • took great delight in describing in graphic detail Jesus’ suffering on the Cross, and explaining that his suffering was because of my sins,
  • told me that angels were every bit as real as my classmates,
  • told me that a virgin was made pregnant by God,
  • told me that a man was resurrected from the dead,
  • told me that God saw everything that was going on in my mind,
  • told me that if I had Communion, and did not then commit any further sin, I would go to heaven,
  • told me that I would be redeemed regardless because of Jesus’ suffering,
  • told me that I would go to Hell regardless if I even had so much as a sinful thought,
  • told me that questioning what I had been told was sinful,
  • told me that God is both three and one.

I am a victim of homosexual rape by a male doctor. What that doctor did to me pales into insignificance when compared to what those teachers did to my mind. Moreover, when I told an intimate friend, a practicing Christian, what those teachers did, she ejaculated “My God! Were you brought up in a convent?“, this despite her knowing full well that I am male. In fact, I was in Australia’s secular education system.

It was to be 25 years before before I could start to clean my mind of such filth.


I had hoped that after 50 years the situation would have improved. It has not. As recently as 2010, we have Tim McKenzie teaching children religious nonsense, again in a secular school. (My post about the ethics of such teaching can be found here.) It is easy to see why this is happening. There are organisations such as Scripture Union Queensland and the Australian Christian Lobby giving moral support to such (mis-)teaching, and politicians such as Nicola Roxon, Peter Garrett and Penny Wong driving legislation through parliament to ensure that this sort of thing keeps happening.


As a victim, I cannot stand idly by and allow without protest today’s children to be subject to the same sort of treatment as I received. I regard it as my duty to defend their rights, one tweet at a time.


About notoreligion

I was a victim of religious predators as a child. I am here to oppose their ongoing evil.
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4 Responses to A Reply to BeatKnoxxx

  1. Jason Alan says:

    The atheist voice needs to be just as loud as the theist. People need to know they aren’t alone when they question their faith, and there is good reason to question it. I’m agnostic, but I tend to side with the atheists on twitter because they’re generally smarter. At least those that I have conversed with.

    • notoreligion says:

      Good luck with finding your own reality. My period of agnosticism was a troubling time for me. That, and the realisation that I had been lied to as a child, is one of the reasons for my bitterness and anger towards the religious bullies.

      • Jason Alan says:

        I’m ok with my stance. I wasn’t pushed into religion and didn’t go to church as a child, so it was easy for me to see it from the perspective of a spectator. I saw even at a young age that it was not for me. Most religion tells us ‘this is how it is, and it will never change’. Science, on the other hand, is generally fine with theories being disproven. It means we are learning, searching for the truth instead of conveniently carving it into stone. Pretending to know all the answers is the ultimate cop-out.

  2. notoreligion says:

    Jason, I like your style! 🙂

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