A Christian’s Job


My thanks go to Vorian (twitter: @Vorian) and Kevin Concepcion (twitter: @Kevin_Reborn11) for prompting this post.


Kevin made this tweet as part of a conversation with both Vorian and myself:

The key sentence in this tweet is “As a Christian my Job is just to speak about the good news of CHRIST.”. It is now time to examine this in the context of schooling.

Science Versus Faith

I have personally experienced teachers who have committed the obscenity of teaching children that angels have the same physical reality as planets. We also have the totally ludicrous assertion that “DNA wasn’t invented then” from a Christian in a secular school.

There is also the matter of the physical impossibility of the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection, both of which are presented as historical fact by assorted nincompoops. Moreover, anybody who believes that a burning bush is somehow God manifest on Earth is in urgent need of a psychiatrist.

We then have the perspective of Young Earth Creationists who assert that a single work contains a better description of the world than millions scientific papers. The sense that they regard themselves as being better informed than generations of scientists is inescapable.

There can be little doubt that there are people whose need to believe in some form of Sky Fairy over-rides their capacity to work with the science of how the world works. The Young Earth Creationists are an example of this. However, to deny them their own reality would amount to a violation of their human rights. That they should be free to enjoy themselves is as imperative as the right of couples to have sex. As with sex, this is best done behind closed doors.

One of society’s functions is to help its members. An extreme example of this is other people helping victims of a car accident. At a much lower level, there are people who take delight in helping others to reach their own goals. In light of this, we can now examine the consequences of the sentence that I have highlighted from Kevin: he sees it as his job to speak about the good news of Christ, a statement inextricably associated with a pack of scientific falsehoods. His job then includes going into schools and spreading such falsehoods into the minds of impressionable young people.


I am not impressed.


About notoreligion

I was a victim of religious predators as a child. I am here to oppose their ongoing evil.
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One Response to A Christian’s Job

  1. Nice post. My thoughts when I read tweets like this are quite concise:

    As a Christian your job is, like mine, to keep your opinions and your religion to yourself. Now stay away from me and my kids.

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