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A Christian’s Job

Acknowledgments My thanks go to Vorian (twitter: @Vorian) and Kevin Concepcion (twitter: @Kevin_Reborn11) for prompting this post. Background Kevin made this tweet as part of a conversation with both Vorian and myself: The key sentence in this tweet is “As … Continue reading

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An Answer for David Washburn

Introduction This post is a response to this tweet by David Washburn (Twitter @SearchGodsHeart, web site The question deserves a considered answer, which requires more than 140 characters. Discussion There appears to be an assumption underlying the question: that … Continue reading

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In God We Trust: the Ultimate Abdication of Personal Responsibility

Introduction I have for some time been asking theists to provide falsifiable evidence for their claims of the existence of God. So far, none has been forthcoming. This then raises the question of what separates theists from atheists. This post … Continue reading

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