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DNA Wasn’t Invented Then

“DNA Wasn’t Invented Then” Background This post was prompted by some teaching of Tim McKenzie of the Set Free Christian Church. There is an excellent piece by PZ Myers of the University of Minnesota describing McKenzie’s errors as to science. … Continue reading

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The (un-)Intelligent Designer

The Intelligent Designer: A Most Unintelligent Concept Background For readers who are unacquainted with the concept of Intelligent Design, the reasoning behind the proposition of Intelligent Design goes something like this: Life on Earth is far too complicated to have … Continue reading

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Christian Abuse of Gays

This post was sparked by the recent case of two gay men being denied lodging in a hotel because the hoteliers’ attitude to marriage: only married heterosexual couples have a right to a double bed in the hoteliers’ view. In … Continue reading

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A Manifesto

This blog has been inspired by what I see as religion, primarily Christianity, seeking to impose its own narrow and misanthropic values upon the rest of society. In my view, society sould rejoice in the plurality of people’s ability to … Continue reading

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